FBMC's Talent Management Services

Come Work With Us -- not for us.

Come work with practising professionals, instead of a staffing firm.


Smooth-Ride Engagements Governed by Business and IT Pros

Engagements governed by industry-recognized experts in project management, business process governance, and implementation services.


The DVBE with a Difference.

Close coordination with our talent, first-hand knowledge of what our talent experiences, personality aptitude testing, and team capability assessments give both our talent and our clients a successful experience.


Our People are People-People.

The Fortuna Difference.

Fortuna is owned and operated by Practicing IT Business Pros – we offer talented job seeking professionals quality stewardship and experienced governance of their engagement.

We have formed and lead a team of seasoned professionals with a broad and deep talent pool: analysts, programmers, managers, trainers, and specialists.

Fortuna BMC’s Two-Sided Marketplace

High-Quality Talent Engagement isn’t a radical concept!

We provide staffing services based on the premise that there are actually two opportunities to the business management and IT consulting and staffing world – the client AND the talent. The staffing marketplace is a two-sided one.

We take great pride in giving as much quality service as we can to both our clients and our talent.

We care so much about this -- we’ve made it our Mission
“To Improve the Lives of Our Teams and Customers”.

This helps everyone involved, but it especially means that being part of the Fortuna Family means having preferences, needs, availability, specialties, and even your personal style accommodated as carefully as our client’s needs – ensuring both of you the best chance at success with high-quality solutions and services.


Fortuna University

Learn as you earn with Fortuna U.

We send our staff through a rigorous and training and development program -- designed by industry experts, administered by practicing professionals, and constantly updated and improved to ensure Fortuna Talent stand apart.

Aptitude Testing
Competency Testing
Specialized Curricula
Benchmarked Industry Standards
Professional Trainers
State-of-the-Art Web-based Interfaces


Located in Folsom, California, Fortuna BMC was in founded in 2012 by practicing professionals with more than 50 combined years of experience; and continues to be a recognized leader in the successful delivery and implementation for critical business and IT initiatives and operations in the Public and Private sectors.