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Performance Summary

The following is a listing of the companies to which we have provided and currently provide services. We look forward to adding your organization to the growing roster of those we have had the privilege of working with.
California Highway Patrol
Aerojet Rocketdyne
Blue Shield of California
Folsom Chamber of Commerce
Franklin Templeton Investments
Sutter Health
Pride Industries
California Department of Insurance
Department of General Services
San Joaquin County
Contra Costa County

Business Sectors Served

Repeatable Processes, Predictable Results.

FBMC serves multiple lines of business successfully and faithfully. We are a practice of industry-recognized thought leaders in the ways of making companies run more efficiently no matter what the business, but we specialize in assisting the lines of businesses shown below. Let us serve you today!

FBMC is a California-certified small business DVBE with CMAS and ITMSA service agreements in good standing with multiple labor categories and services areas supported by partnership agreements with multiple DVBE firms. Our principals have each worked successfully with multiple State agencies for more than fifteen years, and our practice members have worked with the State for a minimum of ten years each.

We have performed geospatial and data mining analyses to assist in public health advisories and safety studies, developed a GPS-based system to optimize toxic cleanups under the Cal-EPA's regulation and helped the Toxic Substances Control assess toxic waste dumps, and overhaul the IT inventory and service model of a major healthcare insurance company's division.

Our programming capabilities have been used to create field-based applications for large and small organizations using the latest in database and tablet technology.

The analytical and technical capabilities have been called upon many times to assist organization in California and the Western United States whose mandates involve public protection and safety. We developed the first SharePoint deployment at the California Highway Patrol, we've helped the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations gather requirements and improve project collaborations, and helped the US Army Corps of Engineers map out areas of public hazard.

FBMC has a long-standing connections with the analytical laboratory industry, both in production and research spaces. We have developed multiple training programs, conducted audits, optimized process chains, and provided executive coaching to the management and staff of multiple laboratories in the US.

We have provided IT and business-driven consulting and technical services to major financial institutions, working closely with operational groups to enhance business operations. We have developed multiple IT solutions, helped establish governance programs, and contributed to the development of training programs for mutual fund and oversee investment institutions.

FBMC has provided environmental consulting to private sector clients, public regulators, and non-governmental organizations in the areas of GIS/GPS, population-level human health risk assessment, restoration implementations, and advanced data mining and visualizations.

We've been part of multi-million dollar remedial investigations and cleanup efforts, and have worked with multiple Federal agencies, as well as environmental quality departments throughout the Western US.