Fortuna BMC’s Staff Augmentation Services

How our firm represents to you a Fresh, New Concept in Professional Staffing Services.

Staff Augmentation backed by Practicing Professionals

Anyone can match a set of qualifications to a stack of resumes.

It takes a Professional Services firm that is staffed by practicing business management and information technology professionals to make a real difference in your company’s business and IT projects and operations.

That’s where Fortuna BMC comes in.

We are founded, managed, and operated by degreed, credentialed experts in the fields in which we provide professional services.

Practicing Professionals in the Business Management and Information Technology industries…

  • Finding
  • Selecting
  • Screening
  • OnBoarding, and
  • Governing

Your Critical Professional Services Talent staff and integrated teams.

No other firm – except one built and organized such as ours – can make this claim!

We’ve Built a Professional Services Firm around Your Desk, because we’ve been in Your Chair.

We know the difficulties involved in governing enormous business and IT portfolios and their spends, and a calendar full of migrations, upgrades, forecasts, deployments, and administration.  Staffing needs to be a turnkey, predictable, value-added proposition.

Fortuna BMC completely agrees.

We’ve built a fully-integrated talent management system that includes our special Customer-Clear Intake, Vetting, and Engagement Process that keeps you in an information-rich, option-laden environment for the whole of your professional services experience with Fortuna.

And it doesn’t stop there – among the many, features of Fortuna’s TMS is our proprietary data mining algorithm package, that allow us to use complex search parameters and mechanisms to delve deep into larger databases with greater granularity of information retrieval.  Bottom line: qualified staff to you faster when you choose Fortuna.

If it were easy, everyone could do it!

How the FBMC Difference Benefits You.

Staying active industry practitioners while providing you with high-capacity professional staffing services means multiple benefits for our clients:

Having performed it, we understand the work our people do for you.

We provide our clients higher quality delivery and better managed engagements because we’ve actually completed similar work ourselves – a claim few staffing firms can make.

FBMC’s industry-certified, credentialed, and degreed Ops and Engagement Staff.

Our operational staff possess many of the degrees, certifications, and credentials you seek in professional staff – that means the talent we provide you can quickly get the support they need to get you to done directly from us.

Predictable, Professional-Grade Delivery of Services

Because Fortuna operational staff are as expert in industry-standards and best practices as our professional services staff, we proffer with assurance our clients levels of delivery quality that cannot be matched by other service models.

We can provide you Professionally-Assembled Teams of Hand-Picked Professionals

Where we really set ourselves apart is when you need more than a single talent resource, or a handful or established positions.  When you’re in need of an integrated team of IT and business management professionals, we think there’s only one place to call.

Our People are People-People

You’ve Got to Love What You Do.

In the end, it always comes down to people.  The deal, the code, the success or failure.  Always the people.  And that’s our business.

We cannot imagine starting a staffing firm and not possessing a passion for providing professionals the best possible quality in governance, engagement, matching, placement, and support.

The way we look at it – if we take best care of the talent, they’ll take care of taking care of you.

It is, perhaps, our biggest differentiator:  we strive to be the PeoplePeople – pros at getting the right people in the right place with the right tools – in your time and in your budget.

And we’d like to think we’re better positioned to provide that to you consistently than anyone else.


Fortuna BMC – The Definition of Done.