We are Fortuna Business Management Consulting.

We specialize in optimized business and IT delivery.


We innovate the integration of business and IT transformation solutions.


We specialize in implementation, transformation, and delivery.


We are experts in analysis and visualizations.


We are thought leaders in governance and framework development.


We possess full Technology Awareness and Complete Brand Independence


Fortuna BMC is a disabled veteran business enterprise (DVBE) founded in 2012, with headquarters in McClellan, California, and offices in Los Angeles; Richmond, VA; and Dallas, Texas. Fortuna is an active member of multiple service agreements, including CMAS, ITMSA (Tier 2), CalPERS SpringFed Pool, as well as multiple municipalities and large corporation vendor pools.

Core Team

Our core team group members are a close-knit team of independent professionals organized around FBMC's ethos or quality, professionalism, and commitment to client service.


Talent Team

Our talent team includes a closely-knit crew of…

  • Master Implementation and Project Portfolio Managers
  • Senior Business and Systems Analysts for multiple lines of business
  • Industry-recognized Leaders in Governance, Data Security Strategies, and Enterprise Network Engineering
  • Thought-leaders in Organizational Change and Knowledge Transfer
  • Specialists in Technologies, Tools, and Applications


Located in McClellan, California, Fortuna BMC was in founded in 2012 by practicing professionals with more than 50 combined years of experience; and continues to be a recognized leader in the successful delivery and implementation for critical business and IT initiatives and operations in the Public and Private sectors.

Key Company Information

Founded in 2012
Headquarters in McClellan, California
Offices in Los Angeles; Richmond, VA; and Dallas
CMAS | ITMSA Tier 2 | CalPERS SpringFed Pool
One of only 7 DVBEs in Tier 2 of the ITMSA
SacBiz Journal's #10 Top IT Consulting Firms in 2016
10+ full-time core staff
30+ engagements currently
Privately-Owned S Corporation
Owned and Operated by Business/IT Professionals

Mission Statement

Improve the lives of our teams and customers.

Vision Statements

We will embody in everything we do levels of conscientiousness, quality, and commitment that satisfy and promote our mission and the values it represents.

We will continuously seek to improve our paradigms, methodologies, processes, and artifacts to best serve the needs of our teams, customers, and partners.

We will maintain a consistent and current view of the changing landscape of technologies and business management philosophies to best serve the needs of our teams, customers, and partners.

We will take as an overall approach that: Scope is variable, Schedule is variable, Resourcing is variable -- only Quality is fixed.

We will serve as the integrating resources between Dev and Ops, between IT and Business, between Status Quo and Needed Change.

We will seek, whenever and wherever possible, to add value and transfer knowledge to our customers as an organic component of our service model.

We follow a three part solution delivery approach.


Our Biggest Differentiator?
What We Deliver, and How We Deliver it.

What the Compass Means

Our Aim is Helping Our Clients Reach their Goals.

We know the Terrain, and How to Optimally Navigate it.

We Practice constant Calibration, Verification, and Validation.

We Lead Through to Needed Change.

We Find the Signal in the Noise.