Here Is My First Blog

May 15, 2014

I want to help you understand and use technology to drive business and process improvements. I will be doing that through a series of posts where I use my experience to share lessons learned and my thoughts on how things could have gone better. Please chime in to the conversation, as I love learning, and healthy debate is the best way to see multiple points of view. I commit to engaging with you in the comments section and even to being proven wrong or modifying my thoughts based on new information. I am a computer scientist and, like all scientists, I have theories and hypothesises that need to be debated and tested to ensure accuracy.

I ask that you engage with me and I in turn will share my thoughts with you. These are only my thoughts, but they are forged in 17 years of technology and business process engineering experience. I know many things, and what I know most is I always have more to learn. So please interact with me, help me grow, and teach me right beside you.

I am looking forward to connecting and growing with you. Thank you all.

Have any topics you would like to discuss? Throw them in the comments section below.